De Nefertiti buste die in het Egyptisch museum van Berlijn staat.

Nefertiti as a source of inspiration. Read the story behind our logo.

Logo van het kledingmerk TOP CULTURE. Nefertiti de oud Egyptische koningin boven de merknaam

“The beautiful one has come” is what the name Nefertiti means. Together with her husband Akhenaten the Pharaoh, she brought a time of renewal and equality in Egypt from c.a 1351-1333 BC.

Due to the growing power of different god cults (mainly the one of Amon-Ra) the difference between rich and poor became bigger and bigger and with it the authority of those in power. To put an end to this, the couple left the capital Thebes and founded a new city called Amarna. The great pantheon of gods was thrown overboard in favor of the worship of just one deity; Aton (the sun). The city was designed in such a way that everyone had an equal living space and enjoyed the same rights and privileges.

The art also made a transformation in the reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Artists were given more artistic freedom and broke with the age-old ideal of beauty. Where all previous and subsequent rulers portrayed themselves exuberantly male, with broad shoulders, beard and stately pose, the ruling couple allowed themselves to be portrayed with both male and female characteristics. All is one, and all is divine.

This great urge for equal opportunities, artistic freedom and innovation is the soul of TOP CULTURE. That is why Nefertiti is the signature logo of the TOP CULTURE community.

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