Behind the design: Holy !ow!

Hathor "Mother of Mothers" is the protectress of everything that makes us happy as humans. Anyone who celebrates love and life can therefore count on this ancient Egyptian cow goddess.
According to tradition, her four legs stand symbolically in the four corners of the world, so she connects the whole earth with her love and compassion.

Mission statement:

We do not want to convince you not to eat meat. But we do want to make people aware that it is not a 'product' but a living animal. That is what we hope to portray with this collection.

We chose Zorgboerderij Den Hof  as the location for the photoshoot. This is because the people who work here treat the cows with love and dedication. In addition to professional staff, the cows are also cared for by people with an addiction problem. Bringing the structure back into the lives of these people makes possible the path to recovery. The cows are therefore known for "grabbing" cigarette packs and each has an affectionate and loving character.
Care farm Den Hof is open for everyone to take a look. This lovely family business even has a cozy terrace to enjoy artisanal pastries, coffee and tea.
As you are used to from us, we have also used high-quality sustainable fabrics that we offer  for a fair price.

Holy cow! Collection is now for sale in our webshop.

streetwear shot with Hathor as the visual on hoodies and a buckethat

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